Preview time on mac is 15 TIMES longer than same file on Mac

I created a file on Windows 11 and run the preview time. It was 7 minutes. I transferred the file by both USB and Dropbox to my MacBook Pro. In each case the Cut distance is 16000+ mm on Windows and 906000+ on the Mac. Any ideas why this is happening? I am using xtool d1 pro 20w.

Edit → Device Settings → Read from Controller

These values are used to compute the preview times. If they change when you read them, it’ll probably be more accurate.

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Perhaps it’s a difference in the cut optimization settings.

Have you copied all the LightBurn configuration files from the Windows box to the Mac?

This walks you through all the steps:

If the results still seem off after you match up the settings, we can dig deeper into the situation.

Copying the preferences fixed the issue. Thank you so much.

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