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does anyone of any ideas as to why it the projected time and the actual time are so far off? I have a job that says in the preview window it will take 9:33, when I run the job it ends up being closer to 25min. the only thing that has changed is I updated light burn to 1.2. in the past if it said it would be a 10min job in the preview it would end up being around 12min, I can accept a couple minutes, but 2.5x longer? my power scale is 100.

Check out JohnJohn’s reply in this short thread:
Length of Job time

Thanks for the reply. I’ll check out my settings, other than updating lightburn I’m not sure why those settings would be so far off compared to the day before.

so I checked out my settings and changed what I thought is the right settings for my laser (xtool D1) and nothing has changed. I ran a job and took some screen shots, maybe someone who knows more than I do can spot some problems.

My guess is that you’re never reaching the speeds indicated in either your cut settings or the Additional Settings tab.

If you really wanted to get these accurate you could run some times studies by making a design with horizontal and vertical distance markers… Then take a high speed video of cutting and rapid moves. Then do a frame by frame analysis of the video to determine portions of the scan that are accelerating vs constant speed… then calculate max speed and acceleration from your analysis.

Or just keep adjusting your Additional Settings slower until it matches actuals. Less precise but possibly easier. The difficult part would be getting the acceleration vs speed settings correct.

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I believe changing “global speed scale” in the device settings is what youre looking for. I’d recommend cutting a shape from some scrap, checking the preview time compared to actual time, and adjusting the global scale from there. The longer the programme, the more accurate you can get.

I suggest you just ‘read’ the values from the controller.

The coordinates on the mug are east of Mongolia in China… Is that where it’s supposed to be?

Could it be Mt. Baker in Washington State…?


thanks for the help! Thats what I did to get the current values.
Yes, the coords are for mt baker. I think if you swap the w for e then its somewhere in Mongolia.

We are in the minus longitude (-121.8144) being west of Greenwich England. Positive going east from Greenwich and negative going west…


The preview and actual cutting times NEVER change, its the speed alteration that changes the time factor.

If you go from NY to LA, the speed changes the ‘time factor’. Your travel time changes…

If the artwork/speed hasn’t changed, it won’t change here… Maybe it would help if you clarified what you mean.


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