Previews are almost solid black or white?

Hello , I seem to be having an issue with my photos (not stock images) after conversion .My previews in Lightburn are either solid black or white with nearly zero detail and need a lot of manipulation (image adjust )to start seeing anything, so I end up with a “blind” burn to see what happens. So far nothing seems to make a difference using , Gimp , da big gimping plug in or imag-r. I have also chosen multiple different settings(tile,wood,sizes,dpi,resolution) when they are converted .I have NO problems when burning solid text as far as the laser performance and settings with either wood or tile.My photos are taken with a 24mp Nikon DSLR in JPEG .I have noticed that with the new image adjust comparison I clearly have 2 different images that look good ,So why would the preview not reflect the same?I am updated to the latest version .Please help.

You can post a picture, so we see the same you are observing. That might help with clarity of the issue you are having.

You do not need to use these external image editing tools to prepare your images prior to importing into LightBurn. LightBurn provides tools to do the same, in real-time, so you can see what your manipulation is doing to the image. Have a look at the new ‘Adjust Image’ tool.

Adjust Image tool

LightBurn has had the ability to adjust gamma, contrast, brightness, edge enhancement, and more for quite a while, but it seems most people don’t realize these options exist, so we’ve made a new tool specifically for adjusting image controls. Right click and choose ‘Adjust Image’, or access it with Alt+I or from the Tools menu.


All the controls are live, and the dual-pane window shows the original and adjusted image side by side, making it easier to see the results.

You may need to zoom in while in ‘Preview’ to “see” the details. At first view from the ‘Preview’ window, you may see only dark shapes as the rendering at that scale is different from what your monitor can display.

As you zoom in, you will start to revel the details contained in what will be sent to the laser. This image is set to Stucki, 254 DPI. Zooming into the section of the eye, you can see the much greater details contained in the file.

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Thank you for responding so quickly and with great detail. I kinda thought I was over doing things.Good ole youtube sold me some stuff I didn’t really need … Thanks again , I’m going to start over and try working only from Lightburn, I Really appreciette the help Rick, Thank you.

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