Previous Job/Total Job - Processing Times

I really like that the new version allows us to get the run time data from the laser.

But I do not understand the difference between Total job processing time and Previous job processing time.

On my laser the total time is about 104 hours and the previous job time is only 35 minutes.

There may be some problem with how the information is displayed.


the description for all times show a double colon between minutes and seconds, but the data is only showing a single colon.
Previous time is measured to the msec

I think I just answered my own question, previous job is actually the last job ran. Maybe “Last Job Processing Time” is a better description.

Thanks! this is excellent information to have!

Total job processing time: total time your laser has been executing jobs. (104h, 17m, 33s).

Previous job processing time: How long the most recent (previous) job you ran took. (35m, 1s)

The dual colons is a typo - I’ll fix that. The names of these were taken directly from the same dialog in RDWorks, with the intention of making it easier for people used to the names from there.

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