Pricing your products

Any tips on setting a price for your product? How do you calculate it?

Im trying to design a formula because this is one of the biggest problems we have since most of the stuff we make usually cant be found somewhere else so we cannot just “copy” the price. We often get “thats really cheep” comments so i feel like we are not calculating everything…

Since this is international forum with members from all over the world and different life standards maybe we could, instead of specific figures like “this many dollars for that”, use something like “this many packs of cigarettes”, or “this many loaf of breads” :slight_smile: or something similar

The way I price stuff is really simple. If you bring me a cup or something to laser on, I charge a $1.00 a minute. I know it take roughly 10-15 minutes a cup. So I charge $15.00, if I buy the cup it’s price of cup plus $5.00 for me having to get it.

I try to make $60.00 an hour, I don’t charge an art fee or setup charge unless I get a recipe to engrave on a cutting boards and it looks like chicken scratch. I know it’s going to take me a while to clean it up in order to make it work. That fee is usually $10.00.

I does this as a hobby, although I have one client who I do about $300.00 a month with. I don’t charge him a lot, there are certain things we do that I charge him $2.00 each for, but I only press a button and let the laser work. He buys the material…

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