Print and Cut accuracy

Hey guys, how accurate have you been able to get with print & cut? I’ve tried multiple times now and I’m always ~1mm off, not sure if I’m missing something obvious. I score a crosshair, group it in Lightburn, jog the head to it, then set it as first reference point and repeat the process for the 2nd. I’m assuming the reference point is set to the exact centre of the grouped crosshair, or the exact centre of a vector if it’s just a single vector for reference.

I’m a little unsure of what the process of print and cut is. But couldn’t you use your homing as a centralized location to engrave then home then cut it out(Im taking a guessing at what print and cut is)??


Yes, you should be able to achieve better than 1mm resolution with a well-tuned laser and motion control system. This is a good document and video worth review: Print and Cut - LightBurn Software Documentation

If you can share a bit more about what you are trying to do, what steps you have taken and show the results, we may have some better suggestions. :slight_smile:

How are you aligning the laser with the crosshair? If you’re using your red dot, does your laser actually fire at the center of it, or is there an offset? (you can pulse the laser from the control panel to check)

All sorted! I just did a cut which was less than 0.5mm off :smiley:
Made this little acrylic guide to see where the laser is exactly (I can’t really use the red laser pointer coz frequently changing lens’). Mistake I was making was assuming the laser was exactly centred, but with my mirror setup it is slightly off centre. Using the pulse was also super helpful.

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