Print and cut, can't enable Align output to target

Hi all, sorry for my English. I try a new function “Print and cut” but i have a problem. I can set First and Second target, no problem, but i can’t enable “Align output to target”. Do you have a video for explications.
I need your help.

Windows 8.1
lightburn 0.9.09

It will automatically enable if the first and second target values are properly set.

Does your controller have limit switches? You need to be able to use Absolute Coords mode to use the Print and Cut feature, and LightBurn needs to be able to read the current position from the controller when you set the position for each target.

Have you read the documentation for the feature yet?

Yes i have reading de documentation and yes i am in Absolute coords.

I don’t have a limit switches.

Do you have a french documentation?

Thank you

I do not have documentation in French, sorry.

When you click each of the ‘Set Target’ buttons, the software reads the current position of the laser and assigns that position to the target that you have selected in the UI. When both target positions have been set, the ‘Align Output to Targets’ option will be automatically set and you will see ‘Ready (Print and Cut mode)’ in the status window above the laser buttons.

You must be connected to your laser for this to work, and jog the laser to the correct printed target on the object you are engraving on before clicking the ‘Set Target’ menu item. You must have two different targets at two different locations. Are you doing this?

Yes my laser his connected and jog for the first target and enable “Set First target position” it’s ok, after same thing for Second target and i see 2 options are enabled in menu but “Align output to target” is not enabled and the message rest “Ready” i don’t have the message “Ready (Print and Cut mode)” in the status windows

I have Grbl 0.9j on my laser, is it a problem???

No, it’s not specific to any firmware.

Reasons the tool will not activate:

  • The targets are less than 1mm apart (is your system in Inches? It might be interpreting 1 inch as 1mm)
  • Communication with the laser was not successful - You will see ‘Communication Failed’ in a dialog box if it did not work

The code will only prevent you from enabling the Print and Cut feature if the two targets are not properly set. If you open the menu option, are they both lit up?

my unit is mm
i doing a target of 16 mm
I see in dialog box from console the coord x, y for 2 targets
this is what i do:
btn Get position and in console i see coord 0,0, is the position from first target
i select the target and in menu tools i select Set first target position and i see the coord in console dialog box 0,0
jog the laser to second target, i select the second target and in menu tools i select Set second target position and i see the coord in console dialog box 130, 105
and in tools menu i have only second target is highlight

Try again, but check after you set the first target position. Look at the menu option - is it highlighted? Then, after you set the second target position, are both highlighted?

after “set the first target” it’s ok, is highlighted in menu
Move to position 130, 105 Go
select second target at this position
after set the second target, only the second target is highlighted in tools menu

if redo the same thing i.e. set First and Second target, at this moment i have only the second target is highlighted but if i redo set First target and now i have 2 targets is highlighted in tools menu but i never see the message Ready (Print & cut).

I sent you a PM with a version to try that includes extra debugging information.

Do you have a video showing this feature? I looked through the document but as they say, a (moving) picture is worth a thousand words… :slight_smile:

I do not. Video takes a lot of time to produce. It’s on the list.

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Cool, with last fix, the problem is solved. This new function is wonderful.

Thank you LightBurn

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