Print and cut craziness

It’s probably very basic, but good god I have spent days trying to sort this . I don’t think there is one related YouTube vid not watched.

Need to create a jig that is replaceable and aligns with print and cut.
Can select the two points at either end of, let’s say a5 within an a4 : Top left corner and bottom left corner. Use Align with no scaling.
Hit go, but instead of heading to the test letters mid page… it buggers off to the bottom right… and off the page altogether… second pic where my finger is . Absolutely flummoxed at this point. Please… please help!

A few questions:

  1. What does printed material look like? Can you provide a photo?
  2. How was the printed material created?
  3. After setting your targets, how does frame behave? Does it frame exactly to where you expect it to be?
  4. Assuming you’re using the xTool in your profile, are you using crosshair or primary laser to do your target alignment?
  5. Does alignment for non Print and Cut operations work as you expect?
  6. Are you homing the laser at the start of your laser operations?
  7. Are you exclusively using jogging controls to move the laser? As-in not moving the laser head by hand.

Thank you for the reply.
The material is just a card template for now.
It looks like a piece of card… the burn t add led place off that space, hence the issue.
Yes , using the cross hair.
Followed the exact direction of every YouTube tutorial there is, but it still buggers miles off path. The preview previews this buffering off the path.
The only thing I have not done, as suggested there, is that I do move it by hand to the second point to save time. So could that make the difference?

So I tried jogging to the point 1 and 2 via the software. An a5 with an a4 . With one point top left and point 2 bottom right corner of the a5 . The preview is as shown, I can’t make sense of it.

When I press burn, the laser jogged (no burn) from point 2 to point 1 and did nothing . The letter to be burnt was enabled as a line layer , not a tool. image|375x500

You absolutely cannot do that - The machine itself has no feedback from the motors to the controller, so if you move the laser by hand it has no idea where it is. The only way for Print & Cut to work correctly is moving it using the jog controls within the software, or on the machine if it has them (the XTool doesn’t, but some others do).

That sorted it! Doing both point 1 and 2 from the home position using the software to jog to both solved my issue.
Thank you both :+1::pray:t2::+1:

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