Print and Cut enabled laser head will not move to objects

I’ve tried to search this topic and find my problem, but to no avail.

This process used to work and for some reason, now it doesn’t.

I’m using a 20watt xTool D1Pro and Lightburn 1.6.00

I have templates for engraving on various objects. Each template has two target points that I use to align the laser to the template. I home my laser before aligning my templates. I use the Move buttons in Lightburn to move the laser head. I get the target points set and my laser will engrave the items flawlessly. However, I would like to set a finish position for the laser head that is out of the way for my items that are laying in the template. I have a frame around my template. After setting the target points, I used to select the frame and then select "Move laser to selection and select the upper right corner of the frame. The head would move to this point without fail and I would select “Set Finish Position”. I then could engrave and retrieve my pieces without the laser head being in the way.

Now after I set the target points, I select the frame and then select Move to upper right corner of selection. The laser head doesn’t move to the correct position on the template. The software shows that Lightburn “Thinks” the laser head is in the correct position, but it isn’t. However, if I frame my engraving job, the head moves to the correct position.

There seems to be a disconnect between moving the laser head to a selected object and performing the job. It moves correctly when engraving the job, but will not move to the correct position when moving to a selected object, via the software command.

Please help.

I’m sorry, just bumping this back to the top. Numerous views, no replies.

Can anyone reproduce my actions/results.

Try to create a template with target points. Enable the Print and Cut by aligning the target points with Lightburn. Then try to move the laser to one of the points of your template with the move laser to selection under the Arrange menu. Don’t move the laser by hand once you start the Print and Cut mode. The laser will perform engraves and cuts precisely, but it will not move to selected objects correctly.

I would like to know if others experience this same behavior. The laser used to move to selected objects correctly after enabling the Print and Cut mode after setting the target points.

Thank you.

I’m desperately in need of some help.

I’m trying to use the “Print and Cut” features in Lightburn to create and use templates. I can create the templates and consistently use them by aligning them with the Print and Cut. However, if I try to add or modify my templates, the laser head will not move to a selection. It will consistently engrave my items in my template accurately, but I cannot get the laser head to move to a point.

In the past, after I aligned the laser to my template, I could select an object on my template and use the Arrange - Move Laser to Selection command and the laser would move to any point on a selected object. Now, it appears to move to the location where the object is on the screen, not on the laser bed. As I said, in the past, the laser would move to a location on a selected object after aligning with the Print and Cut feature. Now the laser will move and engrave according to the Print and Cut alignment, but will not move to the object anymore, it moves to the location on the Lightburn screen.

Please help.

Pictures / screenshots of what you’re experiencing would really help us understand.

The Print and Cut function does not affect jogging or positioning of the laser at all. It only affects framing and running the job.

There has been no time in the past where clicking “Move to selected” would move the laser to a point that was altered by the print and cut function, so most likely you got lucky and had the objects mostly aligned to begin with.

What is it that you are actually trying to accomplish with this? You keep saying you’re not able to do this, but you’ve never mentioned why you need to.

I have a template set up for engraving wooden disks. I would start by laying the template on the work area and focus the laser. I would then home the laser and begin the Print and Cut procedure to align the laser and template. I then would select the outside frame of my template and select "Move Laser to Upper Right of Selection. Then I would Set Finish Position. This would ensure the laser would finish and stop outside of my template and material. This Finish Position would make it easy to replace material and start the next batch.

I realize I can set the finish position to Home or some other location that may also work for my other templates, it was just very simple to select the outside edge of my template and select the laser to travel to the upper right corner and then click Set Finish Position.

I performed this action several times with different templates, I guess I was mistaken as to the actual location of my template compared to my work area and was just lucky.

I have been able to set the Finish Position outside my templates, but I just thought it was so convenient to reset the Finish Position to closely match the template with the Move Laser to…

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my inquiry and explaining how the Print and Cut only affects the framing and running, but doesn’t shift or remap the work area. I genuinely appreciate your time and attention. I have a better understanding of how the Print and Cut works now.

Thank you.