Print and Cut feature Question

The Print and Cut feature works great, I have used it couple times now with the pass through on my laser to make items larger than my workspace.

But I ran into a problem the first time I tried.

Here is an example of the issue I had

I used the Cut Shape to separate the top portion of the heart and I saved the bottom part (and registration marks) as a new file and then the top part (and Registration marks) and another file.

I cut the bottom part, slid the wood down and set up the Print and Cut and started the cut for the top part. But the laser was not cutting in the correct location at all. At first I thought I messed up the Print and Cut setup so I tried to set it up again and got the same bad results.

I tried a few more ways to fix it and then I moved the top part of the cut down into the workspace (keeping the registration marks in the same relative locations) and it worked perfectly.

So it appears that if any portion of the cut is outside of the workspace on the screen it does not work correctly. Is this the way it is supposed to work? If so there should probably be a warning if LightBurn see part of the cut outside the work area.

It’s likely that you have the ‘Discard out of bounds shapes’ flag set, and the code that checks if things are within bounds happens before the final shift that occurs for the Print & Cut mode.

I do have “Ignore out-of-bounds shapes if possible” enabled. I like having that turned on because it helps prevent other errors. Is it interfering with the Print and Cut?

Like I said, the test for “in-bounds” happens before the geometry is pushed through the Print & Cut alignment, so that’s why it’s not outputting. I’ll log a note to fix that.

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