Print and Cut For Template Question

I have been using the Print and Cut wizard to align designs to templates and it’s been working great. But so far the objects in the templates are about the same height as the template. Now I have some objects where the height of the object is several inches above the template surface (where the target marks are engraved). My red dot pointer is only in the right spot when the focus height is correct.

So if I focus on the template surface, do the target alignment, then move the work table straight down to focus on the actual work piece, I suspect the engraving will be in the correct place because all I am changing is the Z-axis. Is that correct or do I need to somehow bring the targets up to the height of the work piece?

I think I’ve understood what you’re trying to do and I think you’re fine with the approach. I assume the Z component is not relevant for your design and you’re only dealing with material thickness.

Thanks. I am going to do some more extensive testing.

this depends on how accurate you need the laser to be…when you move the Z axis you will almost undoubtedly affect the Y and X position - but by how much depends on how much flex and wobble are in your Z axis lead screws…one approach which i have used is to accurate cut a peice of timber that is the same height as the work peice…attached that to your jig and use this to set your P&C positions

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