Print and Cut Frame Slop

I am attempting to use the print and cut feature to get perfect alignment using registration marks because I have found the camera alignment to be unsatisfactory. I am using a Ruida controlled C02 laser with a 600 x 400 mm bed. In the middle of the bed, I have aligned a 9 x 12 in workspace frame (228 x 304 mm) so I have plenty of extra room. On the top left and bottom right corners of this workspace frame, I aligned my registration marks and set the top left as my first target and the bottom as the second target. However, when I put a cut file inside the workspace and “align outputs to target” I get a frame slop error. In some cases, my machine will run the file anyway and sometimes it won’t. I’ve had other instances where the file will begin the cut and stop 1/4 of the way through and say no extend space. I am relatively new to laser cutters and can’t seem to find the issue as I’ve allowed plenty of space for the laser head to move as it makes the cut.
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Solved the issue, did not set “start from” to “absolute coordinates”

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