Print-and-Cut function not working on a Trocen TL3120 (free trial period)

Hello there, I downloaded the free trial version of this software on my AIWA Celeron 4020 running Windows 10 and I have just found out that I cannot access all the features I can identify on a variety of YouTube videos. Specifically, when it comes to the “Start From” box, the only available option is “Controller Setting”, and I cannot change it into “Absolute Coords”. Moreover, I cannot find the GCode tab in the Device Settings section (only “Basic Settings” and “Additional Settings” pop up). Given I am making use of a Trocen TL3120 and a free trial version of the software, could any of you provide me with any hint regarding what I may be missing/lacking? Why is the Print and Cut function not working? Apart from that, could anyone confirm that my controller is compatible and adequately working with the software? (I quote from the website: “Supported Trocen controllers include the AWC708C, AWC608, and TL-3120”). Thanks in advance.

There’s a lot to unpack here so will try to address one at a time.

I’m not very familiar with Trocen controllers but typically in LightBurn when you have restricted choices it’s usually because the option is unavailable for that controller type or the capability has not yet been developed. Based on this it looks like for Trocen controllers you need to use the mode as defined on your control panel instead of being able to specify in LightBurn.

Trocen is a DSP controller, not a G-code controller so would not have that tab available.

You haven’t indicated what’s not working with it so can’t speculate. There’s no software reason it shouldn’t work.

If it’s among the list of supported controllers then yes, it should work. Not all controllers have the exact same functionality, however, or level of support so functionality that relies on the controller may work slightly differently. Print and Cut should not be dependent on the controller, however, so should work fine on Trocen as far as I’m aware.

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Hola! muchas gracias por tu esmerada respuesta!!

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