Print and cut in full color with registrtion marks

I’m trying to cut boxes of cardboard. I need to have the print on the boxes before cutting them with a laser. I use Mac OSx and Lightburn. Can Lightburn print a photo in color with registration markers?

Lightburn can not print, but it can accurately cut printed material that have the registration marks on them, so long as you have the original print file and load it into lightburn.

Thanks for reaching out @Karamunjos! As @Mrrick386 identifies, LightBurn does not provide a ‘printing’ feature as you describe. You can load an image into LightBurn, then add registration marks to the project (most use two lines, grouped and arranged to look like a plus sign) in the appropriate locations, then use the ‘Print and Cut’ feature.

Does that workflow meet your needs?

does that mean i do the photo in the illustrator and print it with the registration markers, then import that same photo into lightburn i put the marker positions in the places already in the photo from the illustrator

Can you print the shape out on a piece of paper, then tape that to your cardboard, then laser using print and cut?

Correct. You can read how the feature works here: Documentation/ at master · LightBurnSoftware/Documentation · GitHub

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