Print and Cut Inconsistent Result


I am having some difficulty using the Print and Cut feature. As shown in the illustration I have attached is the Lightburn interface and my actual results. At figure 1 and 2 I set the target positions and I made sure the red dot was centered on each target. Figure 3 shows the dimension of the expected cut. Figure 4 shows the actual cut size. The height and width are both incorrect on the finished product. I tried both scaled and unscaled aligned output to target with the same result each time. I also turned off Use selection origin and or Cut selected graphics during an earlier test. same result Am I missing something pretty basic here? Rudia controller. Nova 63 Thunder. Any help would be appreciated.


Is a (perhaps inadvertent) kerf offset active on the red = C10 layer?

That’s the only thing I did not check. Could it be 5hat simple. I will look at it when I get back to my shop. I will let you know either way if that is it. Thank you for responding.