Print and cut is out slightly

Dear all
I have registered my print and cut using two crosses, along 1 leading edge (next to each other a few inches apart. I used a test pulse to check that the laser is centred on targets 1 and 2, it is dead centre.
I press cut and the laser is out by half to a millimetre, but just on the X axis.

Please can someone educate me on where I’m messing up? Image here. Distance between crosses is 120mm, cut area 210x150mm

With thanks

They weren’t moved, and they’re identical in location to the items that were printed?

Hi, thank you.
The crosses? No not moved. The whole piece of wood was flipped. My goal was to use cut and print to finish a few cuts that didn’t make it all the way through, cutting from the underside.

To mirror flipping the wood the image in lightburn was also flipped (using H key). So in the image above the top left cross would become the top right cross, number 1 would be to the left of the image and so on.

Thanks again

How did you print the registration marks identically on both sides of the wood?

Hi, thank you. the registration marks are cut through, so clearly visible from the underside.

How thick is the material, and is your laser absolutely vertical? If it isn’t, that would likely be the difference.

Thank you. I believe you are correct. The material is only 3mm thick but there was a her slight warp, hence it not cutting through. Cutting through from the original surface using P&C was aligned.
Thank you for print and cut, it’s saving so much wasted time and wood being able to re cut designs that don’t make the first pass.

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