Print and Cut Issue - 2nd target position wont set

I am trying to burn a large project that requires pass-through. I have followed all the steps for aligning the targets and i have reviewed all of the topics relatednto this that i could find. I have created two double line crosshair objects and grouped them individually. I have set them on the exact same x-axis point (1.06). I am using mm. I have my two crosshair registration markers set on a separate layer from the main graphic. When i select the first marker, i move the laser to that point and with the marker selected, i selected “Set first target position” and that option was then highlight as expected. Then i selected the second marker, moved the laser to that position and selected “Set second target position” but that option does not become highlighted in the “Print and Cut” menu and therefore the “Align Output to Targets” also does not get set. I must be missing something.

Are you certain the 2nd target is a single object? You said they’re on the exact same X-axis point - that shouldn’t matter, but it will reject the 2nd target if it’s within 1mm of the first. They’d be too close to be accurate.

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