Print and Cut issues

I am new to Lightburn
I currently am using an XTool D1 and am having issues using print and cut.
It doesn’t seem like the image when printed is matching up sizewise with the image in lightburn.
I can never get my two anchor marks to match.
Any tips?
Note: I am using the offset setting provided in the XTool D1 documentation.

Are you refering to the pointer laser offset? What exactly do you mean by ancor points not matching? I also have the D1 had some problems with things not lining up. Everything was ever so slightly off. After some hairpulling it ended up being the laser pointer offset. To fix this i did as follows

  1. Put waste material down
  2. Drew a dot in light burn, and burned that at a specific location.
  3. Went to move laser and typed in the coordinates i previously burned at. This should line up with your previously burned dot.
  4. If not go to laser pointer offset settings and tweak them, then move the laser to the coordinates again. Keep doing so until it lines up perfect.

An axis calibration may be of help.

If you engrave a square that is 200mm on a side in LightBurn and it’s predictably produced at 230mm or 400mm on a side you may find the machine settings require attention.

If you include the Tabs / Bridges option in the Cut Settings Editor (Found when you double-click on the layer in the Cuts / Layers window) and give your square 6 or 8 tabs (or bridges) your square may have some unexpected features and you may be seeing the known xTool firmware problem.

One key point of Print and Cut that is often overlooked is that the jog moves must be performed in the Move window in LightBurn.

Avoiding the crosshair and using the fire button for alignment may accelerate your process.

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How do you tell the actual laser to go to specific locations? When i use the move/jog window and type coordinates in it will move the crosshairs to that location, not the actual cutting laser, which on the xtool is pretty big difference.

Are you looking to avoid the use of the crosshairs entirely? If so, then just disable the pointer offset in Edit->Device Settings.

If I shut that off how would i go about running frame? Could I set it so it uses the cutting laser at a very low power?

Yes. In Move window you can set the power level. Use the minimum power required to be able to see the laser (with glasses). The speed settings there also set the speed by which framing occurs.

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If i do this is there a way to re calibrate my workarea as well? I already feel like something is a tad off…maybe a number being rounder after converting to inches. I’m also thinking that if the max distance on the x axis is based on the pointers max distance i can gain an inch or so if i switch it to only using the cutting laser. The offset is pretty close to -1"

If your laser doesn’t have soft limits enabled this might be possible.

Start laser with head at back left. Jog to far right making note of position in Move window. Take max value. Repeat for Y direction. Remove a couple of mm as buffer and update Device Settings with the new values. You may need to temporarily increase the work area to be able to jog as far as possible.

I suggest doing this while configured for mm as that just makes things a lot easier.

I would think they would have configured the laser so that the offset is accounted for but maybe not.

There was some values in the x axis for the pointer offset when I uploaded the xtool settings. However the x axis was about 3mm off and the Y was a little under 1mm off. Its definitely a learning experience and i greatly appreciate the communities patience and help!

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