Print and cut not lining up properly

Any Lightburn experts out there willing to help with a problem? I have been trying to get print and cut to work. I took a project, inserted alignment marks using identical boxes and then used those boxes to cut the project into three pieces. I saved each cut as a separate file. I run the first file, all is good, alignment marks are there. I load the second file, go to print and cut, set the first alignment on mark, move laser to second mark and set it. (at this point, what is the difference between scaled and no scaling? )

When I run the second file it never lines up with the first file lines. Always off 1/4 inch right. I have started from scratch several times to ensure I am not building errors into the project but have yet to get one to come out right. Anyone up to looking at my files and seeing what’s up? Suggestions?

If what you have already burned matches the current design in terms of scale, then no scaling is required. However, if the area to burn is not already the same dimensions then you would use the scaling option to accommodate the difference.

Yes. Please share.

Try testing print and cut on a single sheet design. For example, cutting the outline of a figure in a printed piece of paper. Are you able to align the image properly? This is a good way of getting comfortable with how print and cut works with low stakes.

Also, are you using Absolute Coords? You need to in order for things to work as expected.

When you’re moving the laser head to match first and second target, are you exclusively using jogging controls? Or are you moving by hand? You need use jogging controls or other automated tools exclusively or else it won’t work.

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Thank you for your reply! I will try your suggestions. In the meantime, here are the files.
I have been working on this issue for weeks now and I have projects that need completed using pass through.
I manually set origin on first cut page, Can I then use that origin to set the first alignment on second cut page? And third?
I really appreciate your time and advice.
heart clock thick three cut 3.lbrn2 (139.2 KB)
heartclock thick three cut 1.lbrn2 (284.6 KB)
heart clock thick three cut 2.lbrn2 (315.2 KB)

Are you saying you want the user origin to be the location of the first alignment piece? Under the right conditions I think this may be theoretically possible but I strongly suggest you get things worked out using Absolute Coords before experimenting with alternative methods.

Looking at your files I think you may have a design problem, not a print & cut problem. Looks to me like your alignment marks are not “aligned” to your actual design.

Could this be the source of your 1/4 inch deviation?

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