Print and Cut not working

When I press the button Set First Target Position, nothing happens. The laser is connected and moved to the first position but depressing the button does nothing. The circle does not show and the button does not change
2nd point
first point

Can you confirm that you’ve:

  1. selected the target object
  2. physically jogged the laser head to the location on the physical material
  3. press “Set First Target Position”

You need to have the object selected for this to work.

I didn’t select the target object. Thank you for your help!

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I take it that means it’s now working?

Yes it is. Thank you for your help and quick response!

actually, I was wrong. It now lets me go all the way to Start, but when I hit the start button the laser moves to the top of the project and stops. doesn’t do anything else.

The entire target alignment process only sets up the orientation, position, and scale for the project. You still need to decide what to burn. Does what you expect to burn show appropriately in Preview? If not, it won’t burn.

So do what you would normally do to setup the actual burn. This will depend on whether or not you use “cut selected graphics”. Check in Preview. Then run actual burn.

If this is not making sense then take a full screenshot of LightBurn with everything ready to go before pushing Start.

I see no difference with the “cut selected graphics” on or off. Here are screenshots of both just prior to pressing start.

Hard to tell what’s going on in that screenshot. Is your design a series of concentric rectangles?

Can you upload the .lbrn file here for review?

yes. I am doing a test of filling the engraving with powder paint, then going back over the engraving on low power to melt the paint powder
print and cut test.lbrn2 (5.5 KB)

it exhibited the same behavior when actually trying to save a job that didn’t cut correctly
all for our country 6x.lbrn2 (234.1 KB)

Can you confirm that you selected every concentric rectangle? I see no reason why this shouldn’t show in preview. Are you able to get this to work if not using Print&Cut?

Also, instead of manually creating the concentric rectangles it would probably be easier to create a filled rectangle outline and use “offset fill” for cut type to do this.

I believe I am only selecting the outer rectangle. It does work fine when not using Print&Cut.

Thank you for the tip on the offset fill.

Try it while selecting all objects that you want to engrave. What occurs?

Not sure what could be happening. There should be no difference in how this operates once Print & Cut targets have been set.

Does your laser have limit switches, and is it configured to home on startup?

If not, you’ll need to manually home it, and make sure you don’t have any workspace offsets applied. (IE, if you type $# in the console, all the numbers following G54 should be zeros).

No, my laser does not have limit switches. I am (as I type) trying a different file. This one is actually working! I don’t know why the others did not, but at this point, I don’t care because it is now working.
I really appreciate the time you spent helping me with this. Thank you very much!

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