Print and cut reset

I am trying to create and large cut out in 2 pieces similar to the lightburn video of the mermaid , I have mimicked the video up to the point of setting the target markers in the print cut , the options to set are gray but one is present to “reset print cut” . nothing is happening and the target options are not available to click (gray) , I once got the chance to set the 1st marker , and it confirmed with a check mark , but after moving the head to the 2nd one I could not get a check marker or a confirmation I was in print cut mode , Boss laser 1420 , Ruida 644 , old version of lightburn prior to recent updates , OS Big Sur 11.2.2 , please help , first time trying this and getting very frustrated , I have shut down LB and restarted computer and recent file to controller , no change

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