Print and Cut Y Frame Over Sized Work Paused Error

I’ve searched the forum for a few hours and can’t find this answer. Can you save my day? I am completely stuck. I successfully cut the mermaid from the pass-through video. Trying to do it again and when Cutting the second part of mermaid I am getting this error on my ruida which does not let the job go - only ESC.

80W omtech red/black
Lightburn updated to the current version this morning.
Set at Absolute Coords.
Device setting check for bed size 26"x21"
Height on the image, I’m trying to cut is only 15.8"
User origin top left.
After I set the left and right targets and Align output to targets in Print and cut - The job frames perfectly but when I press start the controller pops this error and the only action is Escape.