Print & Cut, Frame doesn't trace correctly

I am trying out the print and cut feature which is really useful. On thing that I am running into is that when I am in Print & Cut mode, the frame functionality doesn’t work correctly. When I try to run the frame, it doesn’t trace where it is going to cut, it traces based on some other homed location. I think this is a bug, but I might be doing something wrong as well.

Welcome. Frame will send the laser around the bounds or the outer edges of the output, not travel in the exact path of the cut. Is this what you are seeing?

It’s quite possible that it’s not framing the output at the proper location. I’ll have to check that.

Frame is doing the outer path correctly, it just isn’t placed on the bed in the same location that the actual cut happens.

That is helpful information when trying to duplicate on our end. Thank you for this clarity. :slight_smile:

Print and Cut computes a rotate / scale / offset to apply to the whole job, and that offset wasn’t applied when computing the bounds for framing. I’ve fixed this for the square frame, and I’m working on it for the rubber-band frame now.

Thank you for the excellent support!

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