Print the grid lines onto wood

Hi. Does anyone know if it is possible to print the lightburn grid onto a piece of wood. I want to be able to place a piece of wood work I have done in the exact place on the wood i use to put my item to print on,as it is on the grid. The shapes are not round or square so this would ensure I print in the correct place on the items. Is this possible or would I have t make this manually.

I appreciate any help I can ge on this.



You will have to make this manually.

Be aware that the frame of the engraver must be firmly attached to the spoil board for this to be effective.

I did a grid on mine, but found it less than useful. I eventually migrated over to the parts placement method I use now.

I was using my rollers as a bottle support, but not rotating it. I needed a way to easily / quickly synchronize the laser position with the position of the drawing. This series of steps is my solution.

Absolute Coords.
Home machine if capable.
Move to front-left, power up, and Set Origin if no homing switches.
Never move by hand after power on.

[1] Jog laser to CENTER of what you want to burn.
[2] In Laser window, click “+Show Last Position” button.
[3] In Workspace window, you should see a small red cross.
[4] In Workspace (drawing) window, highlight (CTRL-A) your work.
[5] Mouse to the center of your work, click and drag that center onto the top of the red cross.
[6] You now have the physical locations of the laser and work aligned.
[7] Frame should be pretty close to correct. If not, re-scale the drawing or move your part to be burned slightly, but do not move the laser or the drawing center.

I found this method also allows to quickly relocate to unburned / uncut areas of the workpiece.

I bolted a modified framing square to my cutting bed. Hard stops at 0,0.

Thanks everyone. I have manually done the grid just have to sort the wood to fit before I print on it but I really appreciate that you came back with responses to me.



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