Print to a Desktop Printer

I saw that this topic was to be voted on, but when I followed your link … it lead to a 404 page.
I would like to be able to print whatever I select on the LightBurn canvas area 1:1 on my desktop printer. I use that to align the images before I laser them in some cases.
Right now I have to export as a DXF, input in to my TurboCad package, print it there to get the job done.
I do not have, nor intend to have a camera in my laser… so this is important to me.
So, just reviving this topic and asking for a link to vote it up on.

I’ll bet a print feature would be somewhat convoluted. Desktop printers rarely have print size capacity to match some of the typical laser beds in use. I’m a big fan of Inkscape, although LightBurn really has great features. If I had to print a LightBurn file, I’d export the SVG, but then I’d have to tile the output if the work piece was larger than legal paper (US). Your suggestion of selecting a print box certainly has merit. Set paper size which generates an outline, place it on the work and print away. Somewhat more restrictive than exporting, but a single application type of process.

This is 2021, print code has been around for a long time to handle these situations. ( I shouldn’t throw stones at glass houses, because I also live in one… ) Like I said… my process now is to export to dxf, print… I would think it should be trivial to do this in LightBurn… but I could be wrong ( and I was wrong once in 1967 ) … :slight_smile:

It just occurred to me that one could attach a felt tip marker to the gantry/nozzle and have a rather large plotter! The pen-up/pen-down portion would be tricky, though.

We’ve actually completed a print feature for the next release already. It’s in test.



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