Print to Scale for Proofing

I am trying to print a proof to 1:1 scale on paper to wrap around a tumbler. However when I send to desktop printer it is much smaller. I checked printer settings it is NOT set to enlarge or reduce. The LB work space is set to the laser bed size. I am using a PiBurn rotary. If I export the graphic and import into Coreldraw and print selected it is correct. I have read many post on this but yet to find a solution. I would like to be able to select my graphic and print to 1:1 scale. Probably simple, thank you in advance.

You could try printing using the Microsoft PDF driver. I am pretty sure you can output a 1:1 using it.

That just prints to file, doesn’t it. I want to print on paper so I can wrap around a water bottle to check fit, etc.
Thank You for your response!

You print to a PDF file, then open the PDF file with Adobe Reader etc and print at full scale.

Thank you! I was just try to avoid the double print effort. Your way is still probably a little faster than going thru Coreldraw.

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