Printing stretches on one axis using rotory

Just setting up rotory that came with blue and white 50W chinaman laser. Have done the tests. But when I print it stretches the drawing (simple heart) 360 degrees (almost). The other problem is when it does have to reverse, it does it so fast the jar looses traction with the rollers and the design gets off that way too. Need to slow down something, but not sure what. Current cut at 75 mm/sec. It has to be something I have set wrong. Did put in circumference of jar…well diameter and it was calculated

Hi, see my posting a few up thread called Laser Bios Q. I am having the same issue and hopefully someone can address both of us since we seem to be working on the same thing - setting up the rotary and having some traction/jumping issues. See my thread for a video link of a guy having the same issues and what he did, but I don’t have that menu option in V 9.24?


Yes, I note that interface has changes from older to current version. Need to be careful

Not sure if you have tried these LB setup instructions or not?

I found that with my chuck style rotary it was the acceleration rather than the speed that had to come right down.
For my direct drive rotary my controller settings for max speed ($112) is 2000mm/min
Max acceleration ($122) is 100mm/sec^
I am running mine from the Z axis of the controller.



In that link I found this, which I did on an item on the rollers, not the rollers themselves, so will retry with that in mind.

Okay, using the roller and not the item to get the turns right corrected that problem.

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