Problem applying mask that contains multiple parts

I am trying to mask an image but am not getting the results I want. I drew the mask using the tool path and it contains multiple areas I want to get deleted from the image. In the photos image and mask and then the results when I apply the mask. Any suggestions?

I can’t quite parse this statement so can’t tell what the complication is. Can you elaborate?

Based on the photos I’m assuming you want the tool layer outline to contain the portions of the graphic inside the lines and exclude everything outside?

Based on the second photo I’m guessing that the outside shape is not fully closed. The small inner portions that do contain the graphics are then being used as the portion of the image to be masked.

Look for breaks in the outside shape and repair them.

Or upload .lbrn file here for review.

It says that there are no open paths. Unfortunately, I can’t upload the file. It says it is too large. 4MB limit

Can you save a copy without the image? That should reduce the size enough.

I converted the tool path to a regular path and it looks like it would output.

Connect 4 522 bare.lbrn (175.5 KB)

If you ungroup the shape multiple times you can see the open path shapes. First ungroup, then Edit->Select open shapes.

Some are visibly open, some are imperceptibly. The outer shape could not be closed with normal means. I had to break it apart and then rejoin the parts.

Connect 4 522 closed.lbrn (615.4 KB)

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Thank you so much! I guess I didn’t dig deep enough! This is what I love about this forum - helping each other with their problems. Thanks again!