Problem burning text -missing letters

I have tried over and over to burn just three words. The preview looks fine, but when I burn it completely skips one letter. I suspect I have this font too small for lightburn to handle since the preview looks correct. Is this a normal problem to have just trying to burn text?

You can paste images or files inline using your OS copy (CTRL-C) & paste (CTRL-V), or click the upload button for additional options for sharing. Yes, we would like to see the results you expect and what you are getting as a result from running the job. :slight_smile:

Does not seem to matter which font I try.

What settings are you using for that layer? This looks like a mechanical issue. Do you notice if things are running smoothly without binding or jumping, skipping while moving, causing this shift when produces? Tell us more about what you currently have set and we can go from there.

The letters are not skipped, they are actually there, but they are on top of the W in the words “With” Circled here. I’d agree with Rick, that looks like some kind of mechanical issue for sure.

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