Problem connecting my Atomstack A20 Pro

I am an 84 year old newbie that recently acquired an Atomstack A20 pro laser and I have been having problems trying to get it to work correctly because the move controls are reversed. The machine homes OK but if I use the right move arrow it tries to go left but because it is at the home position it just bumps into the frame. If I try the up arrow it tries to go down with the same result. The left arrow moves it right and the down arrow moves it up.
What have I done wrong? I have tried contacting Atomstack about the problem but I am afraid that the measures they ask me to adopt are too difficult for my aged brain to follow and include some Chinese characters which I canot read.
Is there anyone in the Havant area of Hampshire in the UK that would be able to sort this out for me? Alternatively, could someone give me simple instructions in English that I could follow to sort this problem out?

This may be from incorrect Origin setting in Edit->Device Settings. Make sure that it’s set to bottom-left dot for your machine.

Sorry for the delay in responding but I have been having computer problems which I have only just sorted out. Thank you for your suggestion but the origin was already set correctly so I am afraid your suggestion did not help. However, I have now managed to correct the problem by myself. I completely removed the Lightburn program from my computer and then reloaded it and that seemed to correct everything. Thanks very much for your suggestion though

I’m not sure how reinstalling LightBurn would have resolve the issue but in any case, glad you’re up and running.

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