Problem creating SSL context during update on Linux

I understand the “SSL context” issue has occurred before, and you usually just have to reload the latest trial version.

How do I do that in linux? Linux uses the app image - I have the lightburn directory copied to a folder on my desktop and run LB from there. So do I just unzip the new files and replace the ones in my current “installation” folder? Or do I only replace certain folders? How do I avoid losing my machine settings, license info, and library?


The software stores all settings in another folder. In Linux it should be in one of these:

  • ~/.local/share/LightBurn
  • /usr/local/share/LightBurn
  • /usr/share/LightBurn

You should be able to just unzip the LightBurn package right over the existing one without hurting anything, but if you want to back up your prefs, you’ll find them in one of the above folders, depending on your OS version.

And the library is wherever you created it - there’s no standard spot for that.

@LightBurn - Maybe he’d be a good candidate to try out the new .AppImage package? That was one of the issues I ran into when creating the image deployment.

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