Problem cutting an imported DXF


I have imported a DXF of the profile I am trying to cut. The cut layer is set to take 4 passes, but rather than cut the entire profile completely and then repeating, each line of the profile is cut 4 times.

For example if it was a square the bottom horizontal line is cut 4 times, then the right vertical line 4 times …and so on.

If I create a square using Lightburn then it is cut as I would expect (the entire profile cut rather than each individual line)

I am creating the DXF in exactly the same way as I have done before without any problem, so I think I must have changed a setting somewhere by accident.

Any help on what to try would be great.



Try selecting your whole project and doing an Auto Join (Alt+J). The file was probably imported as individual lines. DXF files tend to do that.

You hero, that worked.

Thanks so much.

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