Problem engraving text

Hi All,

I have an engraving problem that I can’t manage to fix. I have engraving power loss at some area that are always the same whatever where I start the engraving on my laser bed. The same area (top of the letters) is not engraving at all.

Info that could help you help me ahah :
I use Illustrator to create my text and export it in DXF.
I have a chinese 60w CO2 laser with ruida controller.
I checked my mirror alignment and the lens is clean.

Do you know how I can fix the issue ?
Thanks in advance

Decreases the speed.

That looks more like power drop from a PSU issue than anything else. I assume this looks correct in the preview?

I am at around 200 mm / second, do you think that it is too much ?

Yes, on the preview it looks fine. I will have a look at the power supply.
Thanks alot

Actually, I resolved the problem by having each line of text in a different color.
I do not really understand why it needs to be like this but I can get better results with this method.
Hope it can help someone else with the same issue.

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