Problem getting Ruida to cut

Oh, I have the full Lightburn installed and I’m using the LAN connection direct to my laptop. Lightburn controls and runs the motion correctly, but doesn’t turn on the laser.
I was trying to look up the solution in the forums.

  • What is the Min Power setting you’re using? If it’s too low, the beam won’t turn on.

  • Check that you have water flowing through the machine, if it has a water-protection switch (though that will usually sound an alarm)

  • Also check that there isn’t a second switch on the machine itself that enables the beam. Often machines have a power switch and a laser enable button, and sometimes the door switch is tied to this.

Does it fire if you hit the Pulse button on the controller itself? If not, it points to a possible hardware or wiring issue. If it does, then it’s more likely a software or settings problem.

Power is set to 30%. I do get a pulse when I press the Pulse button on the control panel.
I ran the same job, settings, and LAN connection on RD Works software and runs fine. Laser turns on and cuts. I suspect I’m missing something in the setup.

I asked “What is MIN power set to?” - important distinction.

Ah, I’m I see what you mean. I had Max of 20% and Min of 0.00.
What a dummy.
Changed it to Max 30% and Min of 25% ALL OK NOW!
Thank you!

I apologize for the late reply. After this reply from you I found my mistake right away. I answered promptly, but didn’t press the Reply icon.

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