Problem laser engraving X vs Y directrion

Hello all,

I have a 500x300 laser with Ruida controller and I am having some problems with it.
The one that frustrates me most at this moment is this one:

When I attempt to engrave something the circles are oval shaped.
If I turn the engraving 90 degrees, the oval is shaped in the other direction.
And when I make a line cut, the circle is perfectly round.
So a fill+line doesn’t always fill the circle (or other shape) perfectly.

Also there are problems with vertical lines when I scan horizontal. And with horizontal when I scan/fill vertically.

I attach some of my test results but I can’t figure out what causes this.
What have I tried this far:

  • Speed
  • Power
  • Focus
  • Lens cleaning
  • Alignment of the bed
  • Change of acceleration X and Y
  • Change of start and acceleration

Does anyone have any suggestion what else I can and should try?
Thank you in advance.
(image #2 is the result of the settings in #3)

You haven’t posted what DPI / interval setting you’re using, or how large these test graphics are. If they’re not tiny, I would say you might have a failing high-voltage power supply, because it’s not firing fast enough to catch the lettering. It looks like it’s firing late, and shutting off early.

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Hello Oz, thank you for your reply.

The Interval setting is 0.1 and hence the DPI is 254,00
The size of the patterns is 85mm wide.

A failing high-voltage power supply… hmm