Problem laser engraving X vs Y directrion

Hello all,

I have a 500x300 laser with Ruida controller and I am having some problems with it.
The one that frustrates me most at this moment is this one:

When I attempt to engrave something the circles are oval shaped.
If I turn the engraving 90 degrees, the oval is shaped in the other direction.
And when I make a line cut, the circle is perfectly round.
So a fill+line doesn’t always fill the circle (or other shape) perfectly.

Also there are problems with vertical lines when I scan horizontal. And with horizontal when I scan/fill vertically.

I attach some of my test results but I can’t figure out what causes this.
What have I tried this far:

  • Speed
  • Power
  • Focus
  • Lens cleaning
  • Alignment of the bed
  • Change of acceleration X and Y
  • Change of start and acceleration

Does anyone have any suggestion what else I can and should try?
Thank you in advance.
(image #2 is the result of the settings in #3)

You haven’t posted what DPI / interval setting you’re using, or how large these test graphics are. If they’re not tiny, I would say you might have a failing high-voltage power supply, because it’s not firing fast enough to catch the lettering. It looks like it’s firing late, and shutting off early.

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Hello Oz, thank you for your reply.

The Interval setting is 0.1 and hence the DPI is 254,00
The size of the patterns is 85mm wide.

A failing high-voltage power supply… hmm

@LightBurn ow can I test if the power supply is faulty?
I can’t find any solid leads… or more info on the issue.

Honestly the simplest test I know of is to replace it. When you were running these tests, what was your Min Power set to? I don’t think it matters for engraving, but as a check, try setting it to the same value as the Max Power and see if it behaves any better.

Hey Oz,
Thanks for your reply.
I have tried it with same settings min and max power.
Odd that when doing lines… there is no problem. But when I scan/fill the problem occurs with vertical lines.

It does sound valid that there is a problem with the power supply.
Do you happen to know if I should use the same power supply or invest in a power supply with more watts?

If this is for a CO2 laser, the tube and power supply are matched. Getting one with more wattage output would just mean you weren’t using all the capacity, or if you were, you’d blow your tube quickly. You’re probably better off just getting the properly matched power value.

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Thank you Oz!
I will just order the same one and test it… no shortcut available I guess :wink:

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