Problem of laser power to engrave abacus power vs speed

I recieve with my laser the software RDWORKS.
I want to use lightburn.
So I try to print abacus power vs speed to show the level of engravement.

On RDWORKS, I have a gradient but when I do the same thing on lightburn, i do not have the gradient. I made a photo of the results.

Thanks for your help.


Can you upload the .RD file from RDworks and the .lbrn file for these tests? Curious what’s going on.

thanks for your answer. I do it tomorrow with my other laptop.


please find the two files.
I had to add .txt to the rdworks file to be able to upload it.

Thanks a lot for your help.

test abaque rdworks.rld.txt (383.6 KB)
test abaque lightburn.lbrn2 (100.1 KB)

I’ll try to take a closer look at this today. One thing I’m noticing is that the line interval in RDWorks looks like it may be different from LightBurn. RDWorks has .05 mm line interval whereas LightBurn has .1 mm line interval.

Not sure if that would account for the difference.

Thanks for your help

I ran a few tests. The RDWorks results actually look slightly worse for me.

However, I think the reason why RDWorks may not have done as well is because some of the cut settings were set at .05 mm and others were set at .1 mm. I think it might have otherwise been identical results.

I was testing on a plywood that doesn’t get great variation in darkness from power, however. So I’d consider these results inconclusive.

I’m curious why your results are so dramatically different.

Thanks a lot for your help and your test. Very strange your results
Do you use my files?
What is your laser?
Mine is a co2 laser with 100w of power

I notice that on both software you don’t have à différence of color depending to the speed

Yes. I used your files directly.

I have an 80W CO2.

From my eyes I can see 3 subtle shade variations. Darkest up to 200 mm/s. then medium up to 400… then lightest above that. RDWorks one is a little different but similar. But overall, very little difference.

Apparently my max speed is limited to 500 mm/s on the controller and I haven’t pursued going higher than that as yet.

I don’t think this wood takes a particularly dark burn so hard to really get any contrast.

With your laser and without using my files, are you able to have différent black color in function of power and speed, on lightburn? Regards

For the materials I use, power or laser exposure time doesn’t offer much contrast difference in black levels on my CO2 laser. Generally, only the depth of the cut changes with more laser exposure. If I use defocusing techniques I can increase the number of shades available to me but this depends much on the material.

Other than that I use dithering techniques to simulate different black levels, however the darkest shade is never that dark.