Problem opening lbrn files from file explorer after install on latest windows 10 updates

I have had to reinstall windows 10 on 2 different computers and reinstall Lightburn software 0.9.09. After installing lightburn software I can open lbrn files through the lightburn software. If I try to open file by double clicking on the file in file explorer, it will not open lightburn software.

That’s a new one. I assume you have restarted your computer? Is there a copy of LightBurn already running in the background? The latest release defaults to opening files in the running copy of LightBurn if it’s already open.

Yes I restarted the computer. I also looked in registry to see lbrn file association and no opening program is associated with it.

Follow the LightBurn.LightBurn.1 link:


Try deleting that .lbrn entry completely, then run LightBurn.

Lightburn1 link

That’s weird - yours are all forward slashes, but mine are backward slashes. Try changing that? (It shouldn’t matter, but sometimes Windows is fussy)

changed and works now. thanks for the quick response. Great program

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