Problem rida 6445G slow down speed alone

hello all

nothing good >>> cut today but after first figure at normal speed , the second one goes alone 13mm/s i don’t understand and i change nothing in setting , yesterday all work good .

i try by usb , by sending to laser and with usb key , i’m running on ruida6445G firmware RDLC-V15.01.2

thanks :pray:

100 mac 48mm print zone 36mm_backup.lbrn2 (97.0 KB)

Are you saying the first thing cut on the first layer works ok, but after that it slows down?

I don’t see anything in your artwork. I’m not used to doing multiple passes.

What kind of watts does your laser produce?

How thick are you cutting.


I mean the title round the first one is cut perfect speed after the second one slow down , is the same layer .

the issue come from Z down each pass , when I just ask 2 pass he do it at normal speed.

my laser is 100w recci and I can cut 2 times the material , the problem is not power source , is software ruina or light burn .


I don’t have a z axes, so I’m probably unaware of what issues it may cause. I wouldn’t think a Z change would effect the speed.


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