Problem sending data to the laser

We had some technical issues tonight that became quite ffrustrating especially since we have a long list of orders to complete. We received the error “there was a problem sending data to the laser. the machine may be busy or paused”. The laser cutter would still cut but only parts of the job. We troubleshooted quite a bit. Changed the something smaller as a test. usb hook up. Cleared files. looked on this forum for viable solutions with no luck. No settings were changed prior to the message so not sure what prompted the change in performance.

I rebooted both windows and ruida controller twice and it seems to be transferring data again. Albeit I am only cutting image by image and not grouping which i should be able to do to save time given the size of my workspace.

If someone could offer a reason for why this may have happened we’d much appreciate. We’ve lost a lot of crucial time tonigh because of this and would like to avoid having it happen again,

ethernet hook up/windows 10

thx people!

Are you connected directly with a cable to the laser, through a router, or using wireless?

Wireless isn’t recommended because of the way Ruida’s protocol works. Direct wired with a cable is best, and through a single router is usually fine as well. If you’re doing multiple hops through switches things can get dodgy.

Clearing files and resetting the controller will usually sort it if it’s because the controller itself was close to full.

Make sure nothing else on your network is trying to use the same IP address or ports, and make sure you don’t have more than one copy of LightBurn running - only one can talk to the laser, and a second copy may be interfering with communication from the first if you’re using ethernet, again because of how Ruida has implemented their networking.

connected via ethernet cable to modem. Not wireless.

Cleared files but there was hardly anything on the controller, and nothing on the file list on lightburn. Ip address is fine.

As i said, it seems to be working now, and im incrementally sending larger files. Not sure why its working, but thankfully it is.

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