Problem setting up custom buttons in GRBL

I’m having a problem activating the custom buttons in GRBL. Instructions say to right click on the bottom right section and click and click on import custom buttons. I do as I am told and I come to a window with a dropdown menu “custom buttons” with another dropdown menu to the right that says “ZippedButton”. After clicking on the Open button, this small window pops up:
File not found.
Check the file name and try again.

Not following. grbl is a firmware, so not following what button or what instructions you are referring to here.

Again, where are you seeing this? What software are you runing when you see this? There is nothing I am aware of in LightBurn that presents what you are saying.

I am seeing this in Laser GRBL, the program that came with the LightBurn software. I believe it’s used to format images prior to being sent to LightBurn. It was part of the download when I purchased the laser.

I am not sure how this impression happened, but these are two completely different and independent software.

You are currently posting on the LightBurn forum, where we are here to help support users of LightBurn. We have nothing to do with “Laser GRBL”. You will need to contact those folks for support on their software.

I’m willing to bet this isn’t the first time someone has had this problem, but since have such a f*****g condescending attitude, I guess I’ll have to go elsewhere else to seek an answer. So far, LightBurn and LaserGRBL have been nothing but problems for me. I would think that the support team would be much more informed and informative. Thanx for nothing.

Congratulations Greg,
You are the first person I have met here in this forum who complains incredibly rudely about a problem that has nothing to do with LightBurn.
Fortunately, however, you have the great choice to switch to one of the fine Chinese laser programs on the market, their support is guaranteed to be something you will be happy with, they will surely also fix the problems you have with your lawn mower and your drill at the same time.

That’s my own private opinion, I’m just another normal LightBurn user.

YOU need to understand that not everyone is as fluent in LightBurn as you supposedly are. People are going to get frustrated after a month or so of not being able to use functions that are supposed to perform in a certain way, especially when directions have been followed explicitly. As I already stated, this program came with the LightBurn software. I, as most would, assumed that the 2 programs worked hand in hand. This cannot be the first time that this problem has occurred. I , obviously mistakenly, assumed that an expert, such as yourself, would have, in the past, stumbled onto someone with this very same issue. I am teaching myself the ins and outs of LightBurn via YouTube and just playing around with the software. This is the first of what I am sure will be many issues I will have in the process and bantering back and forth on this forum is of no aid to me. I need someone to solve my problem, not engage in a game of verbal volleyball with an obviously disinterested entity.

Well, this is not going the way we like. :slight_smile: I think this went off in the wrong direction, so let me try to recalibrate.

@gregar, we are the folks that make LightBurn software and are not connected or affiliated with any other software company. We are here to help you as best we can. We do not produce hardware, but try to offer some hardware assistance to folks when we can. Our goal is to help folks get the most out of their lasing journey. But we are not the support resource for these other products.

With that said,

Please don’t do that. You would lose your money. :wink: You are the first I am aware of that has the impression LightBurn and any other software are connected in any way. But I am watching for this potential moving forward, so we can adjust our messaging if we do see this arise more frequently.

It is, that I am aware of, but be that as it may, we want to assist you if we can. We have many customers using LightBurn with the Ortur family of laser systems so with your help, I am confident we can get you going.

If you are willing, please state your question again and I will do my best to direct you.

You’ve done the equivalent of calling Apple to ask for Windows support. LaserGRBL and LightBurn are two completely different software programs. LaserGRBL itself is somewhat confusingly named - people sometimes refer to it as “GRBL” as you did, but GRBL is just the name of the firmware on your laser, hence Rick’s confusion.

There was no condescension here - he was simply trying to figure out what instructions you were referring to and from where, to understand what you were trying to do.

I’ve not used LaserGRBL, and Rick doesn’t even have a GCode-based laser, so I’m quite certain he hasn’t either. We will be more than happy to help you get LightBurn running with your laser, but we don’t use LaserGRBL, so we can’t assist there.

If you swear at my staff or other customers without provocation again, I’ll simply ban you, so please don’t do that.