Problem to do anything

Hello. I am new Ligthburn user. I can not do anything because always say CUT MIGHT BE OF BOUNDS TO OVERSCAN SETTING. Please help me.

Did you set Lightburn to the physical size of your bed during setup?

Is any part of the design off the bed? Sometimes if you get too close to the borders of the bed it might give this warning as the head needs to move past the design, slow down and reverse direction. Start with a small and simple design not a large one.

Please confirm your bed size in the software and upload the file to forum.

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Thank you. I will set everything again and tray to do my first poroyect. Thank you for your help.

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Enter the bed size here.

If you edit it and then do a very small project and it still doesn’t work, add the lightburn file in the replies here and let us take a look at it.


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