Problem using rotary and absolute coordinates

Ive been using Lightburn for a while and the other day while using the camera to align a logo on a glass with the rotary and using absolute coordinates it will not start the job from the center. However using current position it will. Any idea what could cause this? I dont remember having this issue before.

LightBurn uses the camera to position the X and Y precisely to the location of the job in the workspace. Since the rotary plugs into the Y axis, you lose control of the Y positioning of the laser head.

It’s possible to make it work by doing this:

  • Before connecting the rotary, create a small circle in LightBurn
  • Select it, and press ‘P’ (center object on page)
  • Arrange > Move laser to selection center

Now, line up the rotary under the laser head, and switch the Y over to the rotary. You’ll be able to position the work along the X axis with the camera.

thank you ill give it a try

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