Problem whit Mecpow X3 Pro Laser Cutter

Hi, I have a problem with Mecpow X3 Pro. The machine is connected to the PC and works, but when I start cutting and the laser turns on, the machine turns off and restarts immediately blocking the process. How can I solve it? Has something gone wrong like the power supply or the laser?
Considering that I purchased it a day ago and it worked until this morning…

Sounds like a power issue from the limited data.


The fact is that it stays on normally until the laser is positioned on the work surface and then activated, at which point it turns off and on again. If it was a power problem it shouldn’t turn on at all, right? Or does the laser give that extra boost of power to the power supply when it starts? :thinking:

The line of thought is that when it starts to work it’s drawing the maximum current… If the voltage falls, the board will reset. This sounds like what you are describing.

I’d double check all the power connections to ensure you don’t have a flaky connection…

Do you have a voltmeter you can measure this?


Be careful with the flame detector, sometimes it stopped my work randomly until I deactivated it. Try turning off the flame detector