Problem with 1.2.01?

I just downloaded and installed 1.2.01 on a Mac. I was making a wedding gift simple text on a 190x400 oak board on an Atomstack 10w. I framed it up and did a test burn on a piece of ply to check general appearance etc. It was fine, so without changing anything else I replaced the ply with the Oak board and asked it to frame. It went off the edges literally beating the module against the side frame the motor making a staccato noise before it stopped. I tried rebooting Mac and Atomstack, checked everything I could think of but it did the same each time. In the end, I dumped the file and made a new one from scratch and this worked fine. My concern is this had never happened before, and had appeared from nowhere after a successful test. This was the first use of 1.2.01. Could there be a connection? Will return to 1.2 in the meantime.

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