Problem with broken fonts and images

When I prepare an image or font to cut it looks good. When I preview, it has an open line in each image and or font.
When I cut the image where the line is in preview it does not cut. This just started even older files now have a broken line in them. Does anyone have any ideas why?

snowman face let it snow.lbrn (42.6 KB)

The gaps look to be about the same width, so have you inadvertently turned Tabs on, perhaps with a large width?

Might want to drop your .lbrn2 file here for us to examine…

How did you create the artwork?


The fonts are downloads but never had any problems with them before.
The circle images are just circles made in Lightburn. I have cut them before as well no problems.

snowman face let it snow.lbrn (42.6 KB)

Tabs on keyboard? If so, no I have not.
Thanks for replying.

Here is one I just did. and as before I have used this font before no problem
let it snow merry christmas.lbrn2 (149.2 KB)

Mr.Wilborn I found Tab Button, that was problem Thank you very much!!!
Thanks all for help.!!

Great… I’m glad it’s fixed…

Good luck … take care


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