Problem with Crosshatch on Sculpfun Rotary roller

Hi there
Newie help needed :slight_smile:
I have a new S30 22watt and the rotary roller.
When i use crosshatch I get what I can only explain as a distorted ghost from the y axis or the veritcal lines.
I am fairly certain I didnt have this issue before so it could be a setting, but I dont remember what I might have changed. The same image without crosshatch is perfect. I assumed that maybe my roller was square to the laser but I have checked and it does seem to be,
Any help would be appreciated.


If you are using air assist?.. that may be blowing smoke down onto the job.

Try adjusting the air flow if you can to see if it makes any difference with very low flow rate. Is the room very cold?, a warmer room might help.

Do not use cross-hatch. On a rotary, it’s crucial to move the head along the object and reduce turns as much as possible. Otherwise, the object tends to slip. See here for guidance:

Thank you @misken !!

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