Problem with dock objects

Hi all,
I use the dock object very often to align two objects together. Most of the time when I dock, the object goes to the next object just fine, but sometimes it goes through the object and align instead to the grid line as if the object was “transparent”. What am I doing wrong? Thanks a bunch!

I am pretty sure it will only dock to closed vectors, so looks like you have found another way to find open shapes.

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That happens when you dock or are you selecting the Move Selected instead of Dock?

I’m having the same issue. All of my objects are closed vectors.

I have observed that it only works when you are outside of a shape. If you are trying to dock to the inside of a shape it passes through it.


I had a large box docked to the lower right corner, and two identical smaller boxes on the left. The first one (original) docked correctly, where the second (duplicate of first box) passed through the large docked box and docked to the right edge. I know that the objects will sometimes stop part way to where I want it to dock, because there is an unseen object on another layer that is not active. I haven’t figured out why they sometimes pass through objects instead of docking. It’s a great feature when I can get it to work. And Tim, you are right that it only works on the outside of a shape.

I just tried an experiment. I created a large box in the middle of the screen, and a tiny box inside the big box. Docking to the right went to the edge because it only docks to the outside edge. So I put it back inside the big box, put another box to the right of the big box and docked it left (to the right side of the big box) and then docked the small box to the right. It docked perfectly to the inside of the big box. then I deleted the extra box. Hopefully this work around helps with docking inside a box. It doesn’t help with the original problem.

Tested with a line and a square, the square docks either side of the and either points.
Maybe a bug?

I think you’re right. The object wasn’t close. I’ll check that

no it’s when I am docking, but might have found the answer in previous post

ahhhh, clever! I’ll try that!

If youre docking from inside a shape it wont work. Check popop mouse I think hes got the solution