Problem with engraving

Hi, I would like to know if you can help me with my problem.

My laser cuts well but at the time of engraving it gives me a few jumps and also leaves me black points in the engraving.

Here I leave the images.

Please start by sharing your GRBL setup values by sending $$ in Console and pasting the response series (such as $0 to $132) back here.

Also, we would like to see a full screenshot of your LightBurn Window, and one of the Edit → Device Settings Window. No cell phone pics, please.

|$0|Step pulse time|10|
|$1|Step idle delay|25|
|$2|Step pulse invert|0|
|$3|Step direction invert|3|
|$4|Invert step enable pin|0|
|$5|Invert limit pins|0|
|$6|Invert probe pin|0|
|$10|Status report options|3|
|$11|Junction deviation|0.010|
|$12|Arc tolerance|0.002|
|$13|Report in inches|0|
|$20|Soft limits enable|0|
|$21|Hard limits enable|0|
|$22|Homing cycle enable|1|
|$23|Homing direction invert|2|
|$24|Homing locate feed rate|5000.000|
|$25|Homing search seek rate|5000.000|
|$26|Homing switch debounce delay|250|
|$27|Homing switch pull-off distance|1.000|
|$30|Maximum spindle speed|1000|
|$31|Minimum spindle speed|0|
|$32|Laser-mode enable|1|
|$100|X-axis travel resolution|80.250|
|$101|Y-axis travel resolution|100.250|
|$102|Z-axis travel resolution|250.000|
|$110|X-axis maximum rate|5000.000|
|$111|Y-axis maximum rate|5000.000|
|$112|Z-axis maximum rate|500.000|
|$120|X-axis acceleration|2000.000|
|$121|Y-axis acceleration|2000.000|
|$122|Z-axis acceleration|10.000|
|$130|X-axis maximum travel|670.000|
|$131|Y-axis maximum travel|1200.000|
|$132|Z-axis maximum travel|200.000|

And this, please?

Additionally, I edited your post to include the images within the post for ease. You can paste an image into your posts, so external links are not required.

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