Problem with fill

Hi all!

I want to cut out a text, that is partly on some filled object(s). To get the outer cutting line I changes the text to path and boolean added all objects, after that I boolean subtracted the text from the shape to get the text on the shape back (readable)

So far so good, but is there an easier way? especially when the text changes it a lot of work.

I think of a “don’t fill this area” property that overrules other fillings

Thanks for help

It sounds like you are on the right path ™.

How often will you need to change the text? Once you have the process down, it gets much easier to do the multiple step process. CTRL+Z(back up one command) is the most often used command on my projects.

CTRL+D (Create duplicate) is another. When I am going to use Boolean subtract, I CTRL+D the parts and set them aside on the workspace before I start. It saves a lot of time when I accidently do something right, but at the wrong time :wink:

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it‘s not only about changing the text itself, but move it around, and I know CTRL Z and D, etc.

Thought that there is a Photoshop like Layer that covers parts of an „lower“ layer

Could I prioritize objects to get it over others? At the moment it seems that every object on a layer is at the same level and the fills are switching to „not fill“ at the intersections

I agree, every part on a layer is at the same"level".

Boolean subtract is them method to “punch” through like a cookie cutter into cookie dough.

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