Problem with home position switches

I have been using Lightburn for a about 2 years without any major issues, but suddenly I have a problem with my home position switches. I have micro switches connected in parallel and connected between ground and pin D9 on the arduino nano on my grbl controler, I have checked and both switches are working correctly but when I tell the machine to go to home, the X axis moves correctly, hits the switch then backs off a little, but the Y axis just hits the switch and tries to drive past it.
I have replaced the nano but this made no difference.
Any suggestions? Have I accidentaly changes a setting somewhere?
I am using firmware 1.1f

Edit to add, I have found that connecting the Y home switch to pin D10 now homes correctly (didn’t need a seperate pin before!) but now the machine wants to home to the wrong position!.. getting there slowly!

Hello. Home switches for Y and X axis must be connected on different pins, on D9 and D10, not in parallel on same input.

Arduino nano

Thanks for that, I can now make the machine home correctly when I select the “Home” button or send $H, but when the machine connects I get
[MSG’$H’ |’$X’ to Unlock]
[MSG:Caution: Unlocked]

The machine does not home automaticaly on start up, but everything else seems to be working fine.
Not a major problem just annoying! (I have checked the limit switches are working fine, now using grbl 1.1h)

Update, I have re flashed the firmware, everything now working correctly!